Camp Rules


1. All attendees must follow the camp schedule unless excused by the Director(s).

2. No one is to leave the campgrounds without the permission of the Director(s).

3. The use of alcohol, tobacco, non-prescribed drugs and profanity is not permitted at any time.

4. Do not drive cars or motorcycles without the consent of Director(s).

5. Sickness and injury must be reported to the Camp Nurse. At the time of arrival to camp, ALL medications are to be given to and will be distributed by the Camp Nurse.

6. No radios, MP3 players, cell phones, iPods, tv's, handheld gaming devices, knives, guns, or pets are allowed at camp.

7. Must follow the Dress Code/Clothing Guide as defined below.

8. Food and drink are not permitted in the cabins. It may be kept in kitchen/snack shack.

9. Must show modesty when changing clothes or showering.

10. Proper restraint should be exercised in the display of affection.

11. Bullying of any type will not be tolerated.

Dress Code

• Shoes must be worn at all times.

• Clothing must have no inappropriate advertising.

• Swimwear and All Clothing must be modest - no bikinis.

• No short shorts, short skirts, or super tight clothes.

• No A-shirts/undershirts unless worn under another sleeved shirt.

• No low-cut tops, bras showing, halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tube tops. No tummies showing.

• No exposed undies. • Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and hoodies are great!

• Modest dresses allowed, but they aren't awesome for the fun activities.

NOTE: Those who choose to not follow any of the Camp Rules may be asked to leave camp at the expense of parents, with no refund allowed.

What to Bring List

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