Jr. Winter Retreat
Leader: Courtney McNew




"Stranger Things"

"Stranger Things" is a fun way to show 4th and 5th graders the importance of being true to themselves and what they believe.  It's nice to feel accepted, but sometimes we have to stand up and stand out.  They can find courage in knowing that being strange is a great thing in God's eyes!

When: Saturday-Monday, January 19-21, 2019
Check in: Saturday 6:30 pm
Check Out: Monday 3:00 pm

Who: 4th & 5th Grade
Where: ICC
108 Christian Church Camp Rd.
Fairfield, ID 83327
Student Cost: $55 Early-Bird Registration

$70 after January 11, 2019

Adult Retreat Cost: One FREE adult fee per 10 students, all other adults $22 per adult.  If your group has less than 10 students Adult rate is $22 per adult. *Form Required

Refund Policy: 100% prior to 1 week of camp, anytime after that is 50%.

Retreat Leaders:
Eagle Christian Church Children's Minister:
Courtney McNew. 208-412-0780 courtneym@eaglechristianchurch.com
Canyon Springs Christian Church Children's Director:

Megan Pinkerton canyonspringskids@gmail.com

If you have any questions you may contact the Retreat Leaders or the Camp Office Manager:
Jennifer Fredrickson 208-764-2204


CHECK-IN TIME: Sat. Jan. 19, 6:30 pm
CHECK-OUT TIME: Mon. Jan. 21, 3:00 pm

What to Bring to the Jr. Winter Retreat :

Pen and Notebook
Warm WINTER CLOTHING is a must.
Coat, hat, gloves, snow boots, etc.
Bedding/Sleeping Bag/Pillow
Appropriate Clothing for winter weather.
Towels and Washcloths
* Sunblock (when we play in the bright snow)
*Money for Missions Offerings/Snack Shack
*Personal Medications (if needed)
What NOT to Bring to Camp:
No Radios/TV's
No CD's/CD Players/Ipods/MP3 Players
No Cell Phones
No Comic Books/Magazines
No Knives/Guns
No Alcohol/Tobacco/ Drugs
No Pets
No Immodest Clothing
or Clothing with Inappropriate Advertising

Camp Rules:

1. All attendees must follow the camp schedule unless excused by the Director(s).

2. No one is to leave the campgrounds without the permission of the Director(s).

3. The use of alcohol, tobacco, non-prescribed drugs and profanity is not permitted at any time.

4. Do not drive cars or motorcycles without the consent of Director(s).

5. Sickness and Injury must be reported to the Camp Nurse.  At time of arrival to camp, ALL medications are to be given to, and will be distributed by the Camp Nurse.

6. No radios, MP3 players, cell phones, Ipods, tv's, handheld gaming devices, knives, guns, or pets are allowed at camp.

7. Must follow the Dress Code/Clothing Guide as defined below.

8. Food and drink are not permitted in the cabins.  It may be kept in kitchen/snack shack.

9. Must show modesty when changing clothes or showering.

10. Proper restraint should be exercised in the display of affection.

11. Bullying of any type will not be tolerated.

Dress code:
Shoes must be worn at all times.
Clothing must have no inappropriate advertising.
All Clothing must be modest.
F. A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I get to Intermountain Christian Camp?
ICC is located at the base of beautiful Soldier Mountain, five and a half miles north of Fairfield, ID.
From the North: Travel I-84 S to the Mountain Home exit 95, take highway Us-20 about 56 miles to Fairfield.
From the south: Travel on I-84 W toward JEROME/BOISE, Take the ID-46 EXIT 157, toward WENDELL/GOODING, Turn RIGHT onto ID 46/S IDAHO ST. Continue to follow ID-46 about 45 miles, then Turn LEFT onto US-20, after about 4 miles you’ll see Fairfield on the right.
When you arrive in Fairfield, turn north on Soldier Road (which is the paved road that goes through the business part of town). Go two miles to the stop sign, turn right, go about a quarter mile and turn left which puts you back on Soldier Road. (Please note: the speed limit on this road is 50 mph). Continue about 3 miles. You’ll see the sign over our driveway and flags flying on the left side of the road.
What happens during an average day at ICC?
At ICC, campers spend their time attending classes and other planned activities. This includes organized group recreation and games. Also, many groups do service projects on site or off site depending on the age group. In addition, campers can expect to attend a main session lesson service, worship and music, fun evening activities, and possibly campfire (depending on weather).
Do I need to send extra money with my child?
Campers are generally fed a snack in the evening after supper, however we do have a “Snack Shack” that offers soda, sports drinks and candy. We occasionally sell t-shirts (depending on availablility and supply). This “Snack Shack” is optional and does require extra money. ICC encourages campers to give money to missions as well. Some camps/retreats require campers to turn in money at the beginning of the event and every time a camper purchases from the snack shack or directs the leader to donate to missions it is subtracted from their total. Please note: The camp will not be responsible for money any camper holds on to themselves.
What if I need to contact my child while they are at camp?
If you need to reach your child while they are at camp, please write them or call the camp (208) 764-2204 . We will get the message to them ASAP. Please do not send cell phones to camp with your child, as these tend to be a distraction and a temptation to other campers.
Intermountian Christian Camp
108 Christian Church Camp Rd
Fairfield, Idaho 83327
What do I need to know about Medical Insurance and Policies?
Your family or individual health insurance policy is the primary coverage for accidents and injuries. A health officer will be on duty at the camp, and medical facilities are nearby. The health information on the Registration Form must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian before admission to the camp. All medications must be turned in to the camp health officer upon entering the camp and will be dispensed by the health officer.
Can my child attend a camp if he/she is not in that age group?
We encourage all students to attend with the age group they belong to, based on the grade they are going into. Exceptions will only be made by the Camp Director of these weeks on a case by case basis. Please contact the Camp Director at the numbers listed if you have more questions about this.
Can I come and help at ICC?
At each camp/retreat, we have a few open spots for adult and teen helpers. Teen Helpers are unpaid volunteers who come to serve God by serving others. Main responsibilities include: serving food, setting tables, washing dishes, serving snacks, game set-up, bathroom cleaning, team leaders and other tasks that the Camp Directors may assign. These positions are open on a first come, first serve basis, at the discretion of the Camp Director. Camp Directors are always in search of adult help as well. If you are interested in serving at camp please contact the Camp Director for the time you want to volunteer.
Who runs ICC?
ICC is owned by partnering Christian Churches in Idaho, Utah and Oregon. It is led by the camp board, which is composed of ministers and church members from the local churches throughout the camp area. You can find the list of Camp Board member on our staff page.  If you have questions about the camp, please feel free to contact the Camp Manager, Cecil Swenson, at  (208) 764-2204.
Can I pay for camp online?
Yes! We are now able to accept online payments. We accept debit or credit: Visa, MasterCard and Discover. To pay online, visit the home page.   As always, if you would like to pay with a check please talk with your church, as some churches send one check for the whole group.
What is the ministry purpose of ICC?
1.To provide a positive camp experience where Christ is lifted as Savior & Lord.
2.To install biblical truth and principles into the lives of our youth through a curriculum centered in the Word of God.
3.To create opportunities where decisions for Christ are made and/or strengthened.
You can find more information on our Beleifs & History Page.



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